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We're deep into summer in the Houston area region of Integrated Community Services. But the folks at ICS are un-phased, and we couldn't be prouder. The activity calendar is only getting more full as the troopers take on new activities, such as track and field, more concerts, exercise classes, and a lots of social events. It's going to take more than a heat wave to slow down this group!

ICS would like to give a special shout out to a few key employees this season, including our most recent Employees of the Month: Nellie Jones, Valerie Saffell, Willie Johnson, and Nikki Edwards. All of our direct care employees provide a warm and caring environment, but these highly committed ladies have been recognized for going above and beyond in their efforts to make the experience exceptional for the Individuals they serve, and ICS is so blessed to have them on our team!

ICS would also like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts of the newest member of our management team, office assistant Jennifer Bullock, who has embraced her position with so much positive energy and graceful style. As anyone who has entered the front door recently or dialed "zero" when calling the office can attest, Jennifer is such a joy.

Also notable are the incredibly successful efforts of our Service Directors Kami Haack and Angie Elder, who's extra efforts to obtain unique adaptive aids really shine in the lives of several of our Individuals, who now enjoy a variety of cutting edge equipment to aid in mobility, communication, and environmental control. Bravo!

And to all of the rest of our extended family, thank you for putting your trust in us. We are so grateful.

Please stay cool, literally!


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